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    Embelton Metal Fabrication and Bending has provided specialist metal alloy fabrication and bending solutions for over 50 years, acquiring an enviable reputation for versatility, precision and excellence.

    With our range of high quality and durable products for sectors including Architectural & Construction, High Temperature Processing, Food, Local Government and Education, Embelton will have a solution to meet your specific requirements.

    An award winning company, Embelton is widely recognised for both its superior products and excellent business practices, forging a reputation for quality, service and engineering innovation.

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    Embelton Bending

    Let our ingenuity match your creativity. 3D modelling and design, coupled with versatile skills and equipment, ensure that the most complex designs can be converted into reality.

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    Embelton Frabrication

    Our mastery of the engineered application of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys places Embelton at the forefront of critical fabrication solutions.

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