Bike Racks

Versatile. Durable. Secure.

Whether you are an architect, developer, local council or homeowner, Embelton Bike Racks offer configurable and secure bike rack solutions, made from the most durable and hardwearing materials. We can assist you in making the most efficient use of your space with a solution that is secure and matches your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive range offers a bicycle parking solution to meet your needs.

Architectural & Construction

Our solutions are fully configurable and space efficient. We will assist you with new DA conditions and Green Star requirements to ensure your bike parking facilities are AS2890.3 compliant.

Local Government, Transport Authority & Education

We can provide you with a flexible, user-friendly and well planned solution to suit the needs of a variety of user groups, including employees, customers, residents  and students.

Our Solutions

Our comprehensive range of bicycle parking solutions offers superior performance by supporting the bicycle frame rather than the wheel, thus allowing locking of the bike frame and wheels to the rack. Our solutions are:

  • Vandal proof & weather resistant
  • Made from the most durable materials
  • Fully welded for vandal resistance
  • Shipped as one piece with no assembly required
  • Inclusive of all fixings
  • Guaranteed for 15 years
  • Compliant with AS2890.3 guidelines
  • Able to earn Green Star points.
  • Manufactured in Australia

Choose from galvanised, colour or Stainless Steel finishes.

Coil Multiple Bike Rack

Designed for ease of use and installation, our multiple bike rack solutions offer a versatile, high-density system that can be installed for single or double-sided access for maximum space efficiency. They are attractive, secure and appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

Bicycle Parking Rails

Fully configurable to suit any space and bike volume, each unit can accommodate up to two bikes and can be installed as a single unit or in clusters to accommodate 1-100′s of bikes.

Post Mounted Bike Rails

Our bike parking rail allows parking on all streets; it can be mounted anywhere there is existing street sign poles and posts. It is very simple and quick to install and does not interfere with any existing signage. It allows locking of both wheels and frame.

Multiple Options

Hoop Bike Rail T Handle Single or Multiple Bike rails
Croquet Bike Rail Powder Coated Bike Racks


Have your own design?

Embelton can manufacture to any configuration, to suit any space.
Send through your designs and we will do the rest!